As Ava and Charlie are enjoying their evening walk, they suddenly hear a loud noise! OH, NO!!


They return home to find Charlie's doghouse in ashes from a fire. Charlie is devastated and lies down to take anap. Will Ava be able to rebuild his home beforehe wakes up? Follow the clues to findout how she saves the day...and her community!

Where's My House?

SKU: 978-1-953771-00-1
  • Inspired by the compassion and resiliency of children following the2020 California Creek Fire, Where's My House? is a sweet and empowering story about hope, rebuilding, and community.


    Utilized by educators worldwide, the storyline offers endless discussions surrounding kindness, working together, and taking time to help friends.


    This is the first book in a collaborative series by Junior Authors, where students from across the world vote to help create the story.  


    100% of book proceeds go to children who lost homes in the California Creek Fire.