The Junior Authors Program aims to help students build a forever bond with literacy through publishing a book directly with the author and illustrator.

Students Vote

Students cast votes to choose the characters, setting, and storyline of a children's book as it's created. 

We Publish A Book

Students go behind-the-scenes of book publishing as our draft becomes a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

Current Book: 100% of all book proceeds go to children who lost homes in the 2020 California Creek Fire. 

Together, We Help Kids

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2021 Documentary Series

Where’s My House? - the first book in the Junior Authors™ - series, is a children’s story about community, hope, and rebuilding.



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This concept, born as educationally-based, social-emotional support for children and families who lost homes in the Creek Fire, has quickly evolved into a global literacy-building project.


Using an innovative voting-based platform, the author directly invites students to help make decisions as the book is being made in real-time.


The author asks students from all over the country (and world) to help build the story by choosing the characters, setting, and design of the book.


Students are directly involved in each step of the behind-the-scenes journey while the draft becomes a published book.

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What are KIDS saying?

"I really like that you can pick the characters to make a story happen. Then, it will happen in real life." 

Quinn, 6

What Educators are saying...

"This could be a game changer to develop emerging-readers into students who love books."

-Superintendent, Fremont Unified, CA

"Kids don’t get opportunities to make many decisions right now. This gives children the chance to be in charge of something, to feel heard, and be a part of something that helps other kids. That’s powerful.” 

-Principal, Fresno, CA

“As a teacher, I appreciate Susie’s enthusiasm and student engagement. She had the students hooked from the beginning and EVERYONE participated in voting! That rarely happens on Zoom, and I’m so glad to be a part of this.”                                                                                                         

-Kindergarten Teacher, Irvine, CA

“I loved the results shown as bar graphs! After we submitted our votes, it automatically showed us that visual, so I turned that into a small math lesson with reading bar graphs!”                         

-First Grade Teacher, Clovis, CA

"After our class activity with Miss Susie, I asked my class about their favorites part. Hands down, they said, “Voting!"                                                                                                           

 -2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois

“We are ALL just thrilled to be a part of this! The kids want to be a part of something bigger than the walls of home and classroom... and I think all kids do! They're already asking when we get to do another one!"

-3rd Grade Teacher, Fresno, CA

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