About Us

Susie Harder


Mom. Speech-Language Pathologist. Cheerleader of all kids. Creator of Junior Authors Program.

At home, Susie spends her time building forts, playing chase, and having kitchen dance parties with her two kids and fun-loving husband. When Susie goes to work, she is a Speech-Language Pathologist who loves helping children who stutter. She teaches kids how to be confident and brave, even if they’re feeling shy or unsure. Susie has an endless supply of smiles, wants every child to feel heard, and gives great high-fives.  Susie grew up in Tollhouse, CA and is currently building this project to help local children affected by the Creek Fire. 

Lily Liu

Best-Selling Children's Book Illustrator

Since she was old enough to hold a pencil, Lily knew she wanted to be an artist!  She now works on projects worldwide and has graciously agreed to join our Junior Authors Team! She lives in France with her husband and 6 year-old daughter (who loves ice cream, mermaids, and horseback riding).