Classrooms Vote

Students cast votes to choose the characters, setting, and storyline of a children's book as it's created. 

We Publish A Book

Students go behind-the-scenes with videos, classroom-ready activities, and interactive discussions with the author.

Together, We Help Kids

Students organize a book launch event and  use the funds to do something meaningful for their community! 

This concept, born as educationally-based, social-emotional support for children and families who lost homes in the 2020 California Creek Fire, has quickly evolved into a global literacy & kindness movement.

What Educators are saying...

"This could be a game changer to develop emerging-readers into students who love books."

-Superintendent, Fremont Unified, CA

"Kids don’t get opportunities to make many decisions right now. This gives children the chance to be in charge of something, to feel heard, and be a part of something that helps other kids. That’s powerful.” 

-Principal, Fresno, CA

“As a teacher, I appreciate Susie’s enthusiasm and student engagement. She had the students hooked from the beginning and EVERYONE participated in voting! That rarely happens on Zoom, and I’m so glad to be a part of this.”                                                                                                         

-Kindergarten Teacher, Irvine, CA

“I loved the results shown as bar graphs! After we submitted our votes, it automatically showed us that visual, so I turned that into a small math lesson with reading bar graphs!”                         

-First Grade Teacher, Clovis, CA

"After our class activity with Miss Susie, I asked my class about their favorites part. Hands down, they said, “Voting!"                                                                                                           

 -2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois

“We are ALL just thrilled to be a part of this! The kids want to be a part of something bigger than the walls of home and classroom... and I think all kids do! They're already asking when we get to do another one!"

-3rd Grade Teacher, Fresno, CA

Students across the country are asking to be involved in our next book!

TOTAL TIME: As little as 15 min per classroom,

with exclusive access to all grade-level extension activities.

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